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Today, over two-thirds of all North Americans are selecting natural supplements as their first choice for improving their health, and treating illness and disease. Just ten years ago that figure was less than 20%.

The Phenomenal growth in use of natural health medicines has also started to spill over into the health care choices people are making for their pets. The pet care business is a multi-billion dollar industry in North America and Herbal Pet is a leader in providing the best practitioner quality herbal products available.

After years of extensive testing with Veterinary Colleges, animal health experts and pet owners we have developed the most effective line of herbal base animal health products available anywhere.

All Herbal Pet products are 100% natural and because they are in liquid form, they are many times more effective than tablets or capsules.

Holistic Practitioners have trusted out products for over 30 years and these are the best on the market.

Our Herbal Pet line of natural pet medicines evolved out of the work of holistic veterinarians in clinics in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Together along with Canada's oldest and largest liquid herbal manufacturer, the necessary research has been completed for a herbal apothecary for your pets. Doesn't your pet deserve the same quality herbal remedies that you use?   Of course they do; your pets can now enjoy the benefits of superior herbal care, from Herbal Pet.

All the remedies are easy to administer and assimilate. Simply place the appropriate dosages on your pet's tongue, on your pet's food, or mix with a small amount of their water.

It is our pleasure to bring these products to you and your pet and we invite your comments concerning any aspect of our Herbal Pet line or Practitioner quality products.

Herbal Preparations

Introduction: The herbal remedies listed in the following section are liquid extract formulations which have been formulated especially for your pet. Only the finest herbs and extraction medias are used in our preparations. Each formulation has specific uses. The synergistic action of blending the herbs makes interactions quicker and more strongly felt.

Extracts (E) (6% alcohol)
Extracts in Glycerin (E) (Glyc - no alcohol)

Arnica Ointment:
Speeds the healing process of bruises, relieves aches and pains. Great remedy for sore paws or inflamed anus.
Composition: Arnica Montana, Olive Oil, Bee's Wax.

Arthritex (Arthritis Formula) (E):
This product has natural compounds which are similar to cortisone, which gives this product its anti-inflammatory properties. It also has properties which are antioxidant and remove damaging acids from the body. These properties make it a safe and useful arthritis formula.
Composition: Devil's Claw, Brigham Herb, Chaparal, Hydrangea Root, Burdock Root, Wild Lettuce, Lobelia, Sarsaparilla, Black Cohosh, Black Walnut, Bentonite Clay, Cayenne.
Complimentary: For pain - Arnica ointment. To cleanse -
Eliminex (best when used over the long term)

Bilberry (E) (Glyc):
Used as a supplement to benefit the eyes against cataracts and macular degeneration. Take with vitamin E.
Composition: Bilberry Leaves.

Cardex (Heart) (E):
An effective heart tonic. It has ACE inhibitor properties, antioxidant properties and relaxes the heart. It potentiates the action of cardiac glycosides. There is mild diuretic action, however, a diuretic may need to be added for cases of congestive heart failure. Not to be used with ACE inhibitors such as Captopril, Enalapril or Benazapril.
Composition: Hawthorne Berries, Horsetail Grass, Valerian, Pine Needles, Balm of Gilead, Hops, Lady's Slipper, Lobelia, Wood Betony, Mistletoe.
Complementary: Vitamin E, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper.

Chamomile (E):
An excellent remedy for anxiety and stress for pets and their owners.
Complementary: Stressex which is a more complex formula, Mega-min.

Dermatech Ointment: 4.50
Excellent for skin infections and irritations for dogs.
Composition: Chapparal, White Oak Bark, Chickweed, Comfrey, Lobelia Marshmallow Moot, Red Cloves, Golden Seal, Ponderosa Pine Needles, Pine Tar, Olive Oil, Bee's Wax, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil.
Complementary: Stressex for rashes and sores due to stress.

Eliminex (Detoxifier) (E):
An excellent blood cleansing formula. The alternative action of this formula rids the blood vessels, lymphatics and muscles of toxic materials while toning the muscles. This product in an effective system or liver cleanser and can be used as an adjunct in debilitated animals or animals with degenerative disorders, immune disorders and cancer. This is a very popular remedy.
Composition: Red Clover, Chaparral, Licorice Root, Peach Bark, Oregon Grape, Prickly Ash, Burdock Root, Buckthorn Bark, Sarsaparilla, Echinacea.

Gingko Biloba (E) (Glyc):
Meant as a supplement for older dogs. Can help promote mental acuity. Studies show gingko significantly increases blood flow to the brain. Not to be used with 2-selegeline (Anipryl). Effective with long term use.
Composition: Gingko Biloba.
Complementary: Glandex.

Glandex (E):
Helps to restore health and increase vitality especially for the older animals. This formula is designed to provide nutrients that support the thyroid and glandular systems. A general gland extract containing a full range of minerals essential for all glands.
Composition: Kelp, Red Clover, Horsetail Grass, Papaya, Gotu Kola, Beer Root, Water Cress, Iceland Moss, Parsley, Chaparral, Comfrey, Fo Ti Tieng, Oat Straw, Cayenne.

Goldenseal/Echinacea Spray:
For infections, inflammation, cuts, sore anus, ticks, fleas or lice. Spray several times a day until the infection has been gone for a few days.
Composition: Goldenseal, Echinacea Angustifolia.
Complementary: You can help your pet fight any infection by boosting the immune system.

Immune Extracts (E):
The branched chain polysaccharides give Echinacea its immune stimulating properties while Red Clover is an effective alternative and liver cleanser. This is an effective formula to aid in fighting infections and colds.
Composition: Echinacea (Angustifolia and Purpurea), Parsley Root, Rosehips, Red Clover.

K & B Extract (E):
A wonderful kidney and bladder formula for rebuilding and strengthening. Gives relief for hemorrhaging, bleeding or severe infection. This is an effective urinary antiseptic and has mucilaginous properties which soothes and heals an inflamed urinary tract. Helps rebuild the entire urinary tract.
Composition: Juniper Berries, Parsley Root, Uva Ursi, Marshmallow Root, Lobelia, Ginger, Goldenseal.
Eliminex detoxifier to be used before, during, and after. Cleans the blood and helps remove toxins. A cleanse is recommended twice a year.

Laxex (Laxative) (E):
An effective laxative or hairball remedy for overnight relief of constipation. Gently stimulates the muscles in the digestive tract without gripping or discomfort. Avoid long term use.
Composition: Licorice Root, Cascara, Oregon Grape, Ginger, Raspberry Leaves, Lobelia, Turkey Rhubarb.

Mega-Min (E):
A well balanced formula with a excellent blend of absorbable minerals, including trace minerals and vitamins. It also enhances the body's ability to readily absorb and utilize the vitamins and minerals in their food. A daily supplement.
Composition: Oak Bark, Parsley Root, Kelp, Red Clover, Scullcap, Black Walnut, Bentonite Clay.

Milk Thistle (E) (Glyc):
An excellent supplement to aid liver disorders. Its antioxidant properties help it to protect the liver. Actually aids liver regeneration after toxic exposure.
Composition: Milk Thistle.
Eliminex detoxifier to be used before, during, and after. Cleanse twice a year.

Red Raspberry (E):
Beneficial for pregnant pets (mammals). It tones the uterus and aids in the healing of the uterus after birth. It also stimulates the milk supply.
Composition: Red Raspberry.

Regenerex (E):
Speeds the healing process of any broken bones, sprains, torn muscles or cartilage. Rich in calcium and has cell proliferation capabilities.
Composition: Oak Bark, Red Clover, Comfrey, Marshmallow, Mullein, Gravel Root, Lobelia, Black Walnut, Cayenne.
Complementary: Regenerative Ointment - excellent results when used together.

Regenerative Ointment:
An excellent healing ointment for external application to bites, cuts, bruises, poison oak or ivy. For cartilage and bone injuries as well.
Composition: Oak Bark, Lobelia, Comfrey Root, Marshmallow Root, Mullein, Gravel Root, Wormwood, Scullcap, Black Walnut, Tea Tree Oil.
Complementary: Regenerex Extract - speeds healing time.

Respex (Respiratory) (E):
This is a good antimicrobial, expectorant and demulcent for cleansing and soothing of inflamed respiratory tract. Can be used for asthma and bronchitis.
Composition: Elecampane, Horseradish, Wild Cherry, Parsley, Hyssop, Anise, Irish Moss.
Immune Extract  or Goldenseal/Echinacea, Vitamin C.

St John's Wort (E):
Calms animals who become jumpy, irritable, fearful or aggressive because of stress, due to loud noises, bright lights and crowded places.
Composition: St John's Wort.

Stressex (E):
An excellent formula for many nervous problems, it soothes, quiets, relaxes, and heals the nerves and associated tissues. Good as a tea.
Compostiton: Valerian, Horsetail grass, Black Cohosh, Hops, Lady's Slipper, Lobelia, Scullcap, Wood Betony, Mistletoe.
Complementary: St John's Wort, Mega-min.

Wormex (E):
Used to remove intestinal parasites. It will help dislodge parasites from tissues and pass them out of the system. This is also a wonderful formula for fleas, lice and controlling fevers.
Composition: Wormwood, Malefern, American Wormseed, Fennel, Papays, Sage.
Complementary: Dosage is for 10 days. May be repeated every 2 months depending on the animal environment.


1 drop per pound of body weight up to 50 pounds. Add 1/2 drop per pound thereafter.



  • mix with food

  • apply with plastic dropper or syringe directly into mouth


  • massage into skin -  shave if necessary

  • as a spritzer (mix 3 to 1 with water)

  • apply with Q-Tip or cotton

Ailment List

Aches & Pains Arnica Ointment
Allergies Mega-Min
Anal Inflammation Arnica Ointment
Anemia Mega-Min
Anti - Inflammatory Arthritex
Antioxidant Bilberry
Arthritis Arnica Ointment
Asthma Respex
Bladder K & B Extract
Broken Bones Regenerex
Regenerative Ointment
Bronchitis Respex
Bruised Paws Arnica Ointment
Bumps and Bruises Arnica Ointment
Cancer Eliminex
Conjunctivitis Goldenseal/Echinacea
Degenerative Disorder Eliminex
Depression Mega-Min
St John's Wort
Diabetes Goldenseal/Echinacea
Digestion Mega-Min
Emotional Improvement Arnica Ointment
Eyes Bilberry
Fatigue Mega-Min
Fevers Wormex
Fits Stressex
Fleas Goldenseal/Echinacea
Glandular System Senior Tonic
Growth Mega-Min
Hair Mega-Min
Hairballs Laxex
Heart Cardex
Headaches Stressex
Hookworms Wormex
Hysteria Stressex
Immune System Eliminex
Immune Extract
Infection Immune Extract
Inflammation Goldenseal/Echinacea
Insomnia Stressex
Irritability Mega-Min
St John's Wort
Itching Goldenseal/Echinacea
Kennel Cough Althaea Syrup
Kidneys K & B Extract
Laxative Laxex
Lice Goldenseal/Echinacea
Licking St John's Wort
Liver Cleanser Eliminex
Immune Extract
Milk Thistle
Lymphatic System Eliminex
Memory Loss Mega-Min
Mental Acuity Ginkgo
Mental Confusion Mega-Min
Metabolism Mega-Min
Mineral Deficiency Mega-Min
Mites Goldenseal/Echinacea
Muscles Arnica Ointment
Regenerative Ointment
Muscular Weakness Mega-Min
Nausea Chamomile
Nervous System Mega-Min
Nosebleeds Mega-Min
Paralysis Bilberry
Parasites Wormex
Periodontal Disease Goldenseal/Echinacea
Pregnancy Red Raspberry
Respiratory Tract Respex
Urinary Tract K & B Tract
Seizures Bilberry
Skin Dermatech Ointment
Stress Cardex
Thyroid Glandex
Ticks Immune Extract
Twitching Stressex
Urinary Tract K & B Extract
Vitality Glandex
Weight Loss Mega-Min
Worms Wormex